Martin Horvat

Violin Maker


Here you find some essential information about me and my work.

Instrument-making combines my early passions: making music, visual arts and science.

As artisan, artist and expert of resonance I bring them into harmony in my Cremona based workshop.

My Instruments


During the years I was studying I would use borrowed instruments and on the days I had to give them back, the separation became more and more painful, as if I was losing a part of myself. I always dreamed of one day owning my own instrument. After years of resaerch, in an exhibition of stringed instruments, I found a truly beautyful violin made by Martin Horvat. It was love at first sight: fine, beautyful, elegant and at the same time strong and defined. But the most important thing: the sound hit me straightaway with that certain “je ne sais quoi”: brilliant, full, rounded and warm, probably the dream of every musician. Several years have gone by and every day I find satisfaction in playing this charming instrument, whether in an orchestra, string quartet or while teaching. Like a good partner, it continually offers me new motivation for my goals and future projects. Moreover, I can always count on Martin's meticulous and proifessional assistance, despite the distance between Vienna and Cremona. I wholeheartedly recommend that colleagues try an instrument made by Martin. The res just happens by itself...

Eniloe CzeleczVienna Chamber Orchestra (Wiener Kammerorchester)

In 2013, I acquired a Martin Horvat cello from 2010 and have since performed, recorded, and taught with it. During this time, it has made enormous tonal progress and is not only a reliable instrument when I travel, but a true and fully adequate alternative to my old Venetian instrument. Every cellist would feel fortunate to own it

Martin RummelSoloist

The most convincing modern violin I have ever played

Emmanuel TjeknavorianSoloist