Each instrument embodies a musical essence which is not always fully exploited; as a musician you may have the clear feeling that your instrument, albeit important, does not express its potential fully or feel limited in your expressive possibilities without having knowledge of the causes of this.

Finding this hidden potential in the instruments and setting it free through targeted interventions is possible!

Violinist Jens Rossbach, professor at the Conservatory of Le Puy-en-Valay in France and Martin Horvat, Master Luthier in Cremona have combined their skills, gained through years of studies on the sound of stringed instruments, in a service aimed at helping musicians exploit in the best possible way the whole potential of their instruments. Through targeted interventions in the set-up and the sound adjustment, optimal energy transmission is achieved during the creation of sound.


From Thursday  20.10.2022 to Sunday 23.10.2022,

Salon Brahms, Paniglgasse 5, 1040 Wien.

For information about the service and appointments call: 0039 340 1255884

Jens Rossbach is a violinist and violist, professor at the Conservatory of Le Puy-en-Valay, France. For 15 years he has been carrying out empirical and scientific research on the sound of stringed instruments and the possibilities of optimizing their sound performance.

Martin Horvat, violin maker in Cremona since 1996. Right from the start of his career he has carried out empirical and scientific research on the resonance of stringed instruments


Martin Horvat – Violin Maker
Adress: Via Antico Rodano 12, 26100, Cremona – Italy
Phone: +39 340 125 5884
Mail: martin@violinstudio-horvat.com